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The best ideas for the design of a swimming pool.

Whoever realized that digging a hole in someone’s backyard and pouring water into it might be something that people would actually want was an absolute genius. Not only have custom swimming pools been installed in millions of homes across the country, but homeowners also spend a great deal of time turning that empty space in their backyard into a lavishly designed haven for rest and relaxation.

If you’ve never given the design of a swimming pool much thought, perhaps it’s time you paid it a little attention. After all, why settle for a run of the mill pool when you can strive for a unique, custom pool? One part of this, of course, is giving your swimming pool that extra little touch that will help it stand out and be more functional. Most homeowners aren’t even aware of the wide array of design elements and accessories that are available to customize their pool.

Here are several ideas to help you get started with a unique swimming pool design:

1. Have Fun with an Adjoining Spa

If a family pool tops the list of the most coveted homeowner projects, then adding an adjoining spa is definitely the most coveted project for adults. Spas are a great addition for relaxation after a long workday or to simply catch up with friends and family.

2. Add a Waterfall or Fire Feature in the Pool Design

Water structures have increased in popularity for use in a front yard landscape for several years now, and now they’ve moved to the backyard swimming pool. Adding a waterfall or a fire feature to the design of a swimming pool area is a fantastic way to achieve a tropical setting or just to look a little fancy. As an added bonus, this is also a great way to improve the overall appearance of your home and its value.

3. Use Steps That Teach Kids to Swim

The details surrounding new pool construction and pool remodeling are especially important when children are part of the household because you must consider their safety. Even if you don’t have kids yourself, it never hurts for the design of a swimming pool you plan to install or upgrade keeps children in mind. If you actually have kids, adding steps leading into the shallow end of the family pool that is intended to teach them how to swim is great for both functionality and safety.

4. Use a Pool Alarm System for Safety

Installing a pool alarm system that detects when something has entered your pool while you’re not around can be a true lifesaver. These systems are typically quite advanced and will detect anything that gets into the pool regardless of its weight while also being advanced enough that wind and leaves won’t activate it and give you a false alarm.

5. Don’t Forget About Accessory Storage

Many homeowners typically think of the big items when it comes to creating the design of a swimming pool. However, it’s also important that you consider where you’re going to store swimming pool toys and other accessories so that they don’t clutter up the area and create a hazard. Luckily, there is a wide assortment of outdoor storage boxes, mesh containers, and more that will keep everything secure. Plus, it makes these items a lot easier to find when you or your children need them.

Contact Larsen’s Pool & Spa for More Design Ideas

The design of a swimming pool has many different options to choose from, both for appearance and functionality. Larsen’s Pool & Spa has proven itself to be the most reliable and professional pool builder in Tampa. If you’ve considered new pool construction or the remodeling of an existing pool, contact us today at (727) 786-7665 and we’ll get you started on creating a custom swimming pool at your home!

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