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There are many different pool additions that can enhance your swimming pool.

A swimming pool is a great addition to your property. Every family member loves to swim in and relax by the pool.

However, your pool can become a bit boring if new additions are not added to it every now and then. Changing your swimming routine with new pool additions can help you enjoy your pool even more. There are some great pool additions you can implement to enhance your pool’s functionality and appearance.

Here are some pool addition and renovation ideas:


Before you install any lights, determine the main purpose of your pool. Do you use it for relaxation, entertainment, or just swimming? This will help you determine the type of illumination you need.

Interesting Lighting Designs

For the ultimate night swimming experience, you will need an illuminated pool. Lighting is one of the pool additions that makes it more aesthetically appealing. The best lighting design depends on:

    • Shape and size of the pool
    • Landscape design
    • Size of the backyard
    • The pool’s interior finish and color
    • The interior texture


LEDs are perfect pool additions for submerged lighting. They easily fit into the electric circuit and don’t get as hot as their counterparts (incandescent bulbs).

Swimming Pool Waterfall

A creative waterfall adds beauty and visual interest to standard swimming pool designs. It is an ideal complement to a free-form or lagoon-design pool.

Contact Larsen’s Pool & Spa to Learn More About Swimming Pool Additions

Has your swimming pool ambiance slipped over the years? You need new pool additions to improve its visual appeal and your swimming experience. No matter what you are planning, you should work with a reliable pool construction and installation company with excellent service. With Larsen’s Pool & Spa as your pool builder, you are sure to get the best value for your pool project and pool construction. Call (727) 786-7665 to learn more about Larsen’s Pool & Spa and to schedule a no-cost consultation today.

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