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What are some of the more popular pool constructions of 2019?

A swimming pool is not just a place for taking a dip. It should be a beautiful home feature for entertaining your guests and relaxing after a long day. Picture a pool with the comfort and elegance of a spa on your own property. It can be your personal backyard paradise! Before jumping into a pool remodeling project, you should research the latest design trends and pool constructions that can easily add more appeal. Take note of these design elements and find a contractor who specializes in pool constructions that meet your needs and desires.

Dark Interior Finish

Dark interior finishes have an unprecedented taste. Unlike the lighter hues such as blue and white, darker finishes for pool constructions bring a uniquely stylish edge. They give the pool water a deep and natural ambiance. For a moment you might think you are swimming in the ocean or a lake.

Would you like to add a sophisticated aesthetic to your pool? Your nearest pool builder in Tampa Bay can help you design a personal lagoon. This trend can be incorporated through resurfacing. A good example of gorgeous design is the pebble finish. Pebble finish lasts longer than typical plaster pools and has a unique look and feel.

Saltwater Chlorination

Traditionally chlorinated swimming pools can pose adverse side effects e.g. skin redness and itchy eyes. This is due to the accumulation of chloramines. If you want to avoid these issues, consider one of the trendiest pool constructions this year: saltwater pool. A saltwater pool provides a better disinfection mechanism than a continuous chlorine supply. Salt dissolves in the water through electrolysis. This process generates hypochlorous acid, which in turn acts as a disinfectant.

Pool Automation

New pool construction is exciting! However, pool automation makes an old pool fun again. It involves integrating technologies that allow you to control your pool remotely. With pool automation, you can achieve the following with just a tap on a mobile device:

    • Switch on the LED lights
    • Control the water temperature
    • Adjust chemical levels
    • Remove or apply pool covers
    • Turn the pool filter on and off

Of all the trendiest pool constructions, pool automation saves most of your efforts, money, and time. You can even schedule a pool cleaning when you are away. With automatic pH testing, you will be spending less on chemicals.

Sun Shelves

Sun shelves are popular in pool constructions. Basically, a sun shelf is a wide ledge; about 1ft deep. It can accommodate upright seating or shallow sunbathing area. Ask your pool construction company if they can create a submerged pool deck. Also, sun shelves are great places to watch your children play in the water.

Single-depth pools

Are you looking for more minimalistic pool constructions? A long rectangular single-depth pool would be a perfect choice for water sports and lap swimming. A shallow pool pairs well with contemporary landscapes and architecture. Since it’s not very deep, you can stand anywhere in the pool. A single-depth pool is more economically friendly due to the decreased pool heating time, resulting in lower electricity bills.

Contact Larsen’s Pool & Spa for More Information About Pool Constructions

While there are numerous ways to style a swimming pool in Tampa Bay, these are some of the trendiest pool constructions of 2019. Contact Larsen’s Pool & Spa today at (727) 786-7665. We love the difference we make for families by designing and installing custom designed pools.

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