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Swimming workouts can help you maintain a healthy weight and stay fit during the summer.

If you’re like most people across the country, there’s a good chance that exercise is always on your to-do list. The summer season brings the chance to go outside and bask in the sun’s warm rays while jogging, cycling, and playing various outdoor sports. While you may think of your backyard swimming pool as a place to hang out with friends this summer, which is why you’ve been considering new pool construction or pool remodeling, swimming workouts provide another great reason to get outside and take a dip.

Swimming workouts help keep you trim by burning calories and improve your cardiovascular system and muscle strength. In fact, swimming is especially great for those who are overweight or out of shape because the water will support some of your weight, which makes swimming workouts easier on your joints and reduces the chance of getting an injury. To get you started on the road to better health and a better you, we’ve compiled some fun exercises you can do from the comfort of your own backyard pool this summer.

Swimming Laps and Pool Workouts

Possibly the most popular exercise you can perform in a pool is swimming laps. You can burn hundreds of calories per hour right in the comfort of your backyard. There aren’t any special instructions for this specific exercise. As far as swimming workouts go, this is the easiest one to perform because all you must do is swim forward (or add in some creative swim sets).

Run in the Water

Whether or not you’re a runner on land, you should put this on your list of favorite swimming workouts. Water adds resistance, which means that your muscles will be working harder to push yourself from one side of the pool to the other. This is done towards the shallow end of the pool and it won’t seem like such hard work in case you hate running or jogging.

Ride a “Bicycle”

Kids do this in swimming pools all the time without even realizing that it’s great exercise. All you do is grip the side of the pool, float your lower body toward the top of the water, and then move your legs as if you’re riding a bicycle. This is definitely one of the most enjoyable swimming workouts you can do, and your children won’t mind getting into the act so that they remain healthy, too.

Grab a Beach Ball

Who said that swimming workouts can’t include toys? A beach ball is surprisingly versatile when it comes to providing exercise opportunities in your pool. Since a beach ball is filled with air, it will push itself toward the surface of the water whenever you hold it underneath. Holding it under the water will provide a workout for your arms, and the farther down you push it, the more resistance you’ll experience. Plus, you can hold it just under the water and against your chest or stomach and run across the pool for an even better running session.

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