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You can spend hours looking at spools on internet sites like Pinterest and never see the same design twice! What’s most exciting about these tiny jewels is they can take your ho-hum backyard to new heights of style without spending the big bucks.

Rustic to Roman: Spools Rule

Without a doubt, a well-done spool site can make you feel like royalty. They are often called “cocktail pools” because they aren’t for swimming (as in “swimming pools”). Relaxing in a spool can be your reward for a job well done at the end of the day.

Houzz.com says installing a spool is “trading space for thoughtful design”. When you downsize to a smaller home, you don’t have to sacrifice the luxuries and amenities you had when living larger.

Average Size Less Than 400 Square Feet

As you research Tampa, Florida spools, think quality, not quantity. Are you a minimalist? You can create an edgy, streamlined space using woods and natural stones. You can create a privacy wall and accent it with backlighting.

Some of us want to disappear into a tropical rainforest. Wouldn’t it be nice after a hard day in the concrete jungle to come home to paradise? Surround yourself with lush landscaping and relax in your waterfall-spool.

Sun shelves are still a distinct possibility with spools. These small ledges offer a shallow-water sunbathing space or a safe spot for toddlers to play while you are submerged in your spool.

Smaller Space Means Less Maintenance

Spools are relatively uncomplicated and much easier to maintain than a larger swimming pool. They can make the most of your space and budget. The timeframe from concept to creation is also often much shorter. Later, your maintenance can be more affordable and easier than a conventional pool.

The spool space may not even require additional or new fencing. Like a hot tub, it can be temperature-regulated for year-round relaxation.

Your Space: Uncompromised Luxury

Most of us take a swimming pool installation very seriously because it’s a significant investment. A spool can increase your property value and its design is only limited by your creativity. Installing one of these relaxation-based pools in your backyard is simply more fun!

You may need to ask your local pool professional about spools in your community, especially if you live in a homeowners’ association-regulated neighborhood.

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