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Follow these Tampa pool safety tips to keep you and your loved ones out of harm’s way when in the swimming pool.

The warm weather is here and that means it is time to prepare your Tampa swimming pool. We all love spending time in the water, but swimming pools do pose a certain level of risk, especially for children. Let’s take a look at a few Tampa pool safety tips to keep everyone safe while enjoying a day at the pool.

1. Safety Equipment Should be Nearby

Your deck, shed, or other space by the pool should have several different pieces of safety equipment. Life-saving rings with rope, life preservers, a reaching pole, and extra floaties for kids are a few examples of this type of equipment. You should be able to access these in a moment’s notice. Furthermore, make sure everyone in your home knows how to and is comfortable using these devices. Familiarity with these items could be enough to save a life.

2. Secure the Pool Area

It is highly recommended to secure the space around the pool with fencing. The fence should be at least a couple feet tall, so children and pets do not have easy access to the pool area.

Furthermore, it is wise to equip your gate, door, or pool with an alarm. This way, if someone enters the area around your pool or falls in the water, you will be notified when the alarm sounds. This precaution is perfect for those who are concerned about someone enduring an injury in or around the swimming pool.

Each municipality has strict requirements for safety measures. Please be sure to familiarize yourself with them, in order to follow swimming pool safety measures.

3. Swimming Should be a Group Activity

Ideally, no one should swim by themselves, especially if they are young. Children must be supervised when near or in the water. Do not leave a child unattended anywhere near the pool area. If you are having a pool party and there are inexperienced swimmers present, encourage them to pair up with more experienced swimmers who are willing to help if necessary.

Following these tips are imperative for pool safety in Tampa and in any swimming pool.

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