Ballpark Pricing:

Larsen’s Pool & Spa recognizes that you might like a “ballpark” figure for a new pool.

Ballpark pricing listed below is for a 12’ x 24’ pool that includes these high-quality Materials:

  • Sun Shelf with bubbler and Umbrella sleeve
  • Bench off the second step and a swimout to lounge on
  • Salt chlorination, Basic plumbing and electrical, a pump, a filter and an automatic robot vacuum cleaner
  • Shotcrete concrete pool shell
  • Waterline tile – porcelain or ceramic tile
  • Coping – Tumbled Travertine along edge pool
  • Interior finish – PebbleTec PebbleSheen
  • Approximately 600 sq ft of Decking – concrete pavers

These ballpark prices will vary based upon the size of the pool, the scope of your project, and material selections.

  • A Pool (12’ x 24’) with approximately 600 sq feet of paver deck starts at $84,900.
  • A Spa addition is approximately $24,900 – Pool and Spa combo starts at $109,800 (includes gas heater and auto control system).
  • To add a Screen Enclosure to enclose the pool and deck, screen starts at $22,900.This price will be more if enclosing a pool and spa.

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