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5 Ideas for Customizing the Design of a Swimming Pool

The best ideas for the design of a swimming pool. Whoever realized that digging a hole in someone’s backyard and pouring water into it might be something that people would actually want was an absolute genius. Not only have custom swimming pools been installed in millions of homes across the country, but homeowners also spend


When is the Best Time to Build a Swimming Pool?

When is the best time to begin a new pool construction project? A swimming pool can provide both exercise and entertainment. Building a pool is an excellent addition to your home and provides many uses, from hosting parties to a simple area to relax after a long day at work or school. Once you’re ready


Pool Chlorine is Vital to the Quality of Your Swimming Pool

Why pool chlorine is necessary for the overall health of your pool. Having a swimming pool in your backyard continues to be a coveted option for homeownership for millions of Americans across the country. After all, who doesn’t love to invite over a few family members or friends and lounge by the pool, soak in


Custom Pool Building Tips

What are some tips for building a custom pool? Out of all the benefits that you get from being a homeowner, building a custom pool in your backyard is definitely high on the list. Even with additional outdoor options like a functioning kitchen and fire pit, a swimming pool still acts as the centerpiece to


How Pool Ownership Can Benefit You and Your Home

The benefits of pool ownership for homeowners. Pool ownership has always been a coveted part of being a homeowner. Whenever you hear that a friend or a family member has a pool, or maybe even one of your neighbors, you probably get excited and want to be invited over. But, what exactly are the benefits


Myths About Swimming in Pools

Learn more myths about swimming in pools. If you’ve been thinking about new pool construction or pool remodeling, you’re probably aware of a few myths about swimming in a pool, which you may not even realize aren’t true. We thought it would be educational, not to mention a little fun, to dispel a few of


Designing a Swimming Pool: What You Should Consider

What you need to know when designing a swimming pool. No other home amenity adds as much entertainment value as a swimming pool. Designing a swimming pool is complex and requires the assistance of a pool construction company in order for the design to be executed properly. When designing a swimming pool, it’s very important


What Causes Green Pool Water?

Green pool water can be unsightly and ruin your swimming pool. Owning your own swimming pool is hands-down one of the best ways to enjoy your Tampa summer days. But pools can encounter some strange and unique problems—how do you know what to do? If you’re looking to clear up green pool water before a


When to Be Concerned About Rain in Pool Water

Rain in pool water may seem harmless, but it can have a negative impact on the overall quality of the water in your pool and the health of those who swim in your pool. The tropical temperatures in Tampa, Florida area make pools the perfect accessory for your home. After your new pool construction, pool


Swimming Pool Games to Play During Summertime

Summer swimming is incomplete without playing some swimming pool games. Summertime in Tampa, Florida means good times with friends and family. After your new pool builder completes your custom new pool construction or pool remodeling, your home will quickly become the gathering spot for your group. Swimming pool games make spending time in the water



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