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What Makes Larsen’s Pool & Spa the Best Swimming Pool Builder in Tampa?!

Why should you work with Larsen’s Pool & Spa for new pool construction? Owning a swimming pool is seen as an important milestone in the homes of millions of Americans across the country. Deciding to be a pool owner is the first step in the process. The next is finding a reputable swimming pool builder


Swimming Pool Coronavirus Facts: Is It Safe to Swim During the COVID-19 Outbreak

Is it safe to go in a pool during the COVID-19 outbreak crisis? Ever since the COVID-19 outbreak began, millions of people have been clamoring for information. They want to know how it spreads, how dangerous it is, ways to protect themselves, and when the nightmare will be over. One of the biggest questions being


What are the Main Causes of Pool Water Evaporation?

What is pool water evaporation and how can you mitigate it in your swimming pool? If you look at your pool and the water level seems to be lower than before, you’re definitely not imagining it. On average, a swimming pool loses approximately a quarter of an inch of water every day. Some of this


How Larsen’s Pool & Spa Builds High-Quality and Affordable Swimming Pools

Larsen’s Pool & Spa provides affordable swimming pool installation and remodeling services for customers in the Tampa Bay area. Even though many people are adding theater rooms, outdoor kitchens, fire pits, and a variety of other indoor and outdoor features to their homes, swimming pools and spas are still the most popular home additions. They


How to Clean Your Pool Before Summer Begins

Clean your swimming pool before jumping in this summer! Installing a swimming pool so that your family and friends have a place to relax and enjoy themselves is one of the greatest joys of being a homeowner. Keep in mind, though, that learning how to clean your pool is an essential part of owning and


8 Swimming Facts Every Swimming Pool Owner Should Know

Fun swimming facts that make owning a swimming pool even more interesting. Your backyard swimming pool is one of the greatest assets that you own. It’s a place where family and friends can hang out after a long work week, throw a birthday party for a loved one, or get in some exercise by swimming


5 Ideas for Customizing the Design of a Swimming Pool

The best ideas for the design of a swimming pool. Whoever realized that digging a hole in someone’s backyard and pouring water into it might be something that people would actually want was an absolute genius. Not only have custom swimming pools been installed in millions of homes across the country, but homeowners also spend


When is the Best Time to Build a Swimming Pool?

When is the best time to begin a new pool construction project? A swimming pool can provide both exercise and entertainment. Building a pool is an excellent addition to your home and provides many uses, from hosting parties to a simple area to relax after a long day at work or school. Once you’re ready


Pool Chlorine is Vital to the Quality of Your Swimming Pool

Why pool chlorine is necessary for the overall health of your pool. Having a swimming pool in your backyard continues to be a coveted option for homeownership for millions of Americans across the country. After all, who doesn’t love to invite over a few family members or friends and lounge by the pool, soak in


Custom Pool Building Tips

What are some tips for building a custom pool? Out of all the benefits that you get from being a homeowner, building a custom pool in your backyard is definitely high on the list. Even with additional outdoor options like a functioning kitchen and fire pit, a swimming pool still acts as the centerpiece to


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