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If you’ve ever had a fever, your body may crave a cooling bath to bring some immediate comfort. How does your virus-ridden body feel after a relaxing tepid bath? Sweltering Florida climates can also cause local residents to long for cooling relief. Investing in a pool is often the most logical solution. When creating your own personal oasis, asking the questions “What and when is the most comfortable water temperature for swimming?” can mean the difference between acquiring peace of mind or buyer’s remorse.

Composing the Ideal Environment

A refreshing swim in your own pool can be rejuvenating as well as relaxing. How do you achieve that perfect combination? Three elements will come into play. The outdoor air temperature, the water temperature, and the pool construction itself. These factors can facilitate a comfortable water temperature for swimming.

What is the most Comfortable Water Temperature for Swimming?

In Tampa Bay, Florida, the outdoor tropical climate rarely falls below a mild 70 degrees. Especially in the summer months like July and August, the temperature is just right for a refreshing swim. When air temperature reads between 80 and 90 degrees (no matter what the month), your pool can live up to its full relaxing potential. If you decide to take a swim and the thermometer reads below 70 degrees, you risk receiving a jolting shock of cold air post-swim. If you are exiting an equally cool pool into 70 degrees or below air temperatures, it can negatively impact your health.

Comfortable Water Temperatures for Swimming

You don’t need to dive into icy waters to feel refreshed. Most heated pools are set between 78 and 86 degrees Fahrenheit. What is your comfort level? Your comfortable water temperature for swimming can be adjusted and correlated to fit your needs by a pool builder who understands each individual’s needs. Even Olympics competitors need custom pool temperatures to train in! Official Olympic swimming competitions have pool temperatures set between 78 and 82 degrees. A warm pool set at a comfortable water temperature for swimming is therapeutic and can benefit your body and health.

Swimming Pool Designs

Do you suffer from arthritis and need to find an exercise that has zero-impact on your joints? How can you find out the ideal comfortable water temperature for swimming to meet your needs? For professional and amateur swimmers, expertly constructed pools can provide exercise, entertainment, and especially health and heat relief. If you are seeking permanent answers and solutions to give you comfort in Florida’s hot climate Larsen’s Pool & Spa can help. Our customizable swimming pool designs and years of experience will help you find cool relief when the summer heat returns!

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