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What you need to know when designing a swimming pool.

No other home amenity adds as much entertainment value as a swimming pool. Designing a swimming pool is complex and requires the assistance of a pool construction company in order for the design to be executed properly.

When designing a swimming pool, it’s very important that you have as much of the process planned out as possible. Proper preparation is the number one way to ensure the final product matches your needs, aesthetics, and budget! You need to work with a trusted pool builder when planning and installing customized swimming pool designs.

Establishing a Budget for Designing a Pool

Once you have a general idea of how far you’re comfortable with going financially, begin seeking quotes. When designing a swimming pool, the experience and knowledge of a skilled contractor are invaluable. Discuss your plans for the pool, what you want to see, size, and other factors in order to get a ballpark quote that puts you where you want to be on your budget.

Define the Goals of Your Swimming Pool Design

When designing a pool, you should take into account what you plan to do with the pool once it has been installed. Is your pool for family recreation? Or is it for block parties and group entertainment? Perhaps you plan on using your swimming pool strictly for exercise? You can most certainly shoot for enjoying all of these choices. Your goals for your swimming pool will impact the shape and size of the pool. This will affect the design of your swimming pool.

The Space and Size of Your Pool

Pool size is limited by the amount of available space you have in your landscape. Aside from this point, you’ll also want to consider the depth of your pool—predominantly this is determined by what you plan to use the pool for if you have kids and other factors. It’s also worth noting that local or city codes may apply to new construction and designing a swimming pool. Be sure to check with your local government before you begin any planning, just in case there are legal limiting factors to what you can and cannot do.

Designing a Pool by Shape

Rectangular inground pools were the go-to for decades, and there’s something to be said for the functionality and simplicity. But these days, you are not at all limited to squares and rectangles when designing a swimming pool. Oblong shapes, irregular patterns, and divided pools are options as well.

What Extra Features do You Want When Designing a Pool?

There are tons of additional features that modern pools can incorporate. These will have a strong impact on your final cost, so we recommend discussing additional features after you have your base pool use and layout firmly in mind.

Some of the more popular features when designing a pool include:

  • Pool waterfall – attractive, incorporates with pool pump for added water circulation
  • Swim lane – so the pool can be used by many people at once without anyone getting in the way
  • A tanning ledge – so that you can soak up some healthy sunlight while staying cool

Designing a Swimming Pool with the Professionals in Tampa

If you have some ideas for designing your swimming pool, you need to work with pool installation experts. Connect with Larsen’s Pool & Spa! Our team has provided quality pool and spa installation services in Tampa, Florida for years.

Contact Larsen’s Pool & Spa today at (727) 786-7665 to start designing a swimming pool with our experts.

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