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Green pool water can be unsightly and ruin your swimming pool.

Owning your own swimming pool is hands-down one of the best ways to enjoy your Tampa summer days. But pools can encounter some strange and unique problems—how do you know what to do? If you’re looking to clear up green pool water before a new pool remodeling project or for pool upgrades, you need to learn what caused this issue in the first place.

Algae Growth is the Cause of Your Green Pool Water

Barring some form of a chemical spill, the only thing that is going to change the color in your home pool is a presence of plant life in the water—namely, one of the few types of algae. Algae is an informal term for hundreds of simple or single-cell forms of plant life, and many of these love growing in pool water when the right conditions are met – or are not met.

The real question then becomes this: why are algae causing green pool water? Here are the most likely causes of green pool water:

A Lack of Chlorine in Your Swimming Pool

Chlorine is the most cost-efficient, readily available, and powerful pool sanitizer. Keeping your pool properly chlorinated kills off the bacteria algae feed on, and reduces the chances of algae growth in your pool to nearly zero. This keeps you from experiencing green pool water. If you’re new to pool ownership, we strongly recommend that you familiarize yourself with your options in chlorine treatment, and routinely utilize the one that suits your preferences and needs best.

Alkaline Pool Water

Maintaining a proper pH balance (potential of Hydrogen) in your home pool is crucial to avoiding green water, and thankfully not too difficult if you keep up with regular maintenance. However, if you fail to do so, or if your pool becomes inundated with contaminants you can get high-alkaline pool water, which restricts the effectiveness of chlorine in your pool. This, in turn, leads to algae growth, and then green pool water among other issues.

Poor  Filtration and Circulation

All properly designed pool systems incorporate and utilize filtration systems and a pool pump. The pool pump essentially stirs your pool water, keeping chlorine circulated and reducing the risks caused by stagnating water. How long your pool pump should run per day is typically dependent upon the outdoor temperature—the higher the temp, the longer the pump should be running per day. Here in Florida, where temperatures routinely rest between 90-100, your pool pump should be running roughly 8-10 hours a day at a minimum!

If In Doubt, Test Your Green Pool Water

Unsure which of the above is your reason for green water? We strongly recommend using a pool water testing kit! These kits are available in dip strips, and in liquid testing kits. We recommend the liquid kits, as they are far more accurate and reliable on average, and they more precisely tell you what is off about your pool water.

Custom-Built Pools in Tampa, Florida from Larsen’s Pool & Spa

Chlorine levels, Ph balance, filtration, and circulation—these three factors are integral to keeping your pool free of green pool water. Always make sure to keep up with maintenance, and you should never have to worry!

For those of you seeking new pool construction, installations, and custom swimming pool designs from a qualified pool builder, we’re happy to help! Larsen’s Pool & Spa has been offering professional pool installation services for decades. Reach out to us online, or call (727) 786-7665 to schedule a consultation!

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