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Follow these tips to protect your pool during hurricane season and you will rest easy knowing you did your part to safeguard your swimming pool.
The media harps on preparing homes for the wrath of hurricanes.

Tune into the news on TV, radio, the web, or in print and you won’t find any mention of protecting your pool. Follow these swimming pool hurricane damage prevention tips detailed below and you won’t have to spend as much or as frequently on pool renovations.

Tip #1: Respect the Fact That Hurricanes Have the Potential to Ruin Your Pool

Hurricanes are violent storms full of seawater and intense wind. Flooding will eventually cause your pool to be hit or filled with debris. Even saltwater has the potential to damage your swimming pool, making pool renovations that much more necessary.

Tip #2: Resist the Temptation to Drain Your Pool

One of the worst things you can do in the face of a hurricane is draining your swimming pool. The better approach is to take a close look at the pool and pump filters. Test the electrical components. If these components are faulty, they should be replaced.

Tip #3: Get rid of all Debris

Eliminate as much debris from your pool and your backyard as you can. Hurricane debris ranges from kids’ toys, lawn ornaments, branches, and more. Do your best to collect all debris from the pool as well as the skimmer basket, pump basket, and backyard spaces near the pool. If your pool is damaged, don’t worry. Pool renovations in Tampa will revitalize your swimming pool, making it look and feel new once again.

Tip #4: Bump up the Chlorine

Increasing the chlorine level destroys bacteria brought to your pool from other water bodies. Chlorinate up to 20 ppm just to be safe.

Tip #5: Mind the Panels of Your Screened Pool

If your pool is screened, take off a couple panels from each of the sides. Remove a minimum of one panel per side and the intense winds will move right on through with ease. The end result will be minimal damage to the structure and screens.

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