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Is it safe to go in a pool during the COVID-19 outbreak crisis?

Ever since the COVID-19 outbreak began, millions of people have been clamoring for information. They want to know how it spreads, how dangerous it is, ways to protect themselves, and when the nightmare will be over.

One of the biggest questions being asked is whether or not it’s safe to swim during the outbreak. Since swimming pool coronavirus concerns are such an important subject, we thought it’d be best if we dedicated a little time to explain the details our own research confirms.

How the Virus Spreads

The novel coronavirus, as it’s often been called, is spread when tiny droplets containing the virus are expelled from a person’s mouth or nose. This can occur when coughing, sneezing, or even talking. These droplets are highly contagious, and if they enter your body, the virus will spread. The unique thing about this virus is that many people are able to carry and spread it without showing any symptoms, which makes even seemingly healthy people a potential danger to others.

The Effects of Chlorine

As any swimming pool owner probably knows, one of the most beneficial effects of chlorine is that it kills germs, bacteria, and viruses that may be spread throughout your pool. This helps to keep household members and visitors safe from harm, particularly if someone is sick and gets into the pool. At this point, experts believe that the coronavirus is not immune to the chlorine and will become inactive upon exposure. Just be sure that you’re using the proper amount of chlorine in your pool.

Chances of Water Transmission

Since we know chlorine appears to be effective in making a coronavirus inert, the next question becomes whether or not it can be transmitted through water at all. So far, no evidence has come to light that would indicate the possibility of water transmission. There hasn’t been any reported incidences of the virus spreading this way, which means you shouldn’t be afraid to go in the water (as long as you follow swimming pool safety guidelines, of course).

Social Distancing Rules

Although swimming pool coronavirus concerns appear to be unfounded, the real danger is the potential for you to come into contact with someone who has been infected. This is why beaches and public pools have been closed. To remain safe, its best that you limit the swimming pool area to people in your own household who you know have most likely not been exposed. If you decide to have visitors over, limit the number of guests, practice social distancing, and make sure everyone thoroughly washes their hands at regular intervals.

Flattening the Curve

What you may see as restrictive swimming pool coronavirus rules is all about keeping people safe. A common term that you’ve probably heard is “flattening the curve.” This means the nation, and much of the world, is taking the initiative to put restrictions in place that will prevent the number of infected individuals from spiking to a level where the hospitals won’t be able to help everyone. If each person does his or her own part in this, we’ll keep people safe and return to normal more quickly.

Better Safe Than Sorry?

As we’ve discussed, every indication points to the fact that any swimming pool coronavirus concerns are most likely unfounded. However, we understand that a lot of people are on edge right now and extremely concerned that they or one of their loved ones may become extremely ill. If you feel this way, just know you’re definitely not alone and that taking a break from swimming or hanging around the pool with others is perfectly fine.

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