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Summer swimming is incomplete without playing some swimming pool games.

Summertime in Tampa, Florida means good times with friends and family. After your new pool builder completes your custom new pool construction or pool remodeling, your home will quickly become the gathering spot for your group.

Swimming pool games make spending time in the water more fun for everyone. Here are some games you can play to liven up your next pool party.

Swimming Pool Basketball

Basketball is one of the most popular sports in the world. Take your team to the next level by adding a basketball kit to your swimming pool games. A simple net with suction cups quickly becomes an amusing and energetic way to amuse your partygoers.

This game is great for teenagers and college kids. It gives them a safe way to stay cool while still working off their energy. This game can get rough, so keep small kids out of the way when the bigger ones are at play. Organize groups by age and/or size to ensure everyone’s safety.


You don’t have to travel to a Tampa beach to enjoy some summertime volleyball. Volleyball is the perfect choice when you need swimming pool games for seniors and those with mobility issues. Since no running is required, they can enjoy an energetic workout without impacting joints.

You can purchase a kit for your pool that fits your preferences. Fanatics can choose a model with permanently attached brackets for sturdier play. More casual gamers might choose a suction cup-style attachment to make it more aesthetically pleasing.

Diving for Discs

This classic game requires literally no set up. Equipment can consist of almost any brightly colored object that is dense enough to sink quickly yet light enough to be grabbed. You can find rings, balls, bags, discs, and other shapes to fit your preferences. Plastic and foam materials make these swimming pool games a great choice for families with small children who are rough with their playthings
The method of play is just as flexible as your equipment choices. Line competitors up against a wall, then throw an object in the middle. The first one to come up with the item wins the prize. Or you can put your party goers against each other by creating teams. Spread your discs out across the pool and watching them tussle to bring up the ones with their team’s designated color.

This swimming pool game can also be used as a fun instructional exercise. Toss a handful of objects into the pool and have budding swimmers search the bottom for them. This simple exercise can improve a range of basic swimming skills, including breath regulation. Make sure they have goggles to protect their delicate eye tissues from debris and chemicals and ensure no one runs by the pool.

Ring Toss

Similar to horseshoes, the ring toss game is an old favorite for family picnics and plastic baby toys. The version you’ll use in your swimming pool games includes a metal or plastic staff attached to the side of your pool or a floating platform that drifts freely across your pool’s surface. Whichever you choose, this game is great for someone lounging solo or large groups of sunbathers.

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