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Swimming pool safety should account for pets just as much as humans. Here’s how to keep your furry friends safe when playing in and around the water.

Swimming Pool Safety in Tampa Bay: Teach Your Pup to Swim

Living in an area where beaches and pools are close by, it is very wise to teach your puppy how to swim. If your dog refuses to swim or does not have the physical ability to do so, seek a professional to help develop this skill. Aquatic skills can depend on the breed of the dog. Certain dogs can swim after a few lessons while others swim by strictly instinct. Some fear water to the point they will actively avoid bodies (or pools) of water.

You can do your part towards swimming pool safety by encouraging your dog to be comfortable in the water. Spend one-on-one time with him or her in the swimming pool. Gauge your dog’s comfort and skills in the water, there is a chance your dog will refuse to swim in the water. If this is the case, your dog must have an easy escape from the pool.

Watch Your Dog Closely When Around Water

A typical point of swimming pool safety in Tampa Bay is that neither a child or a dog should be in the pool area without supervision. Dogs can drown as a result of fatigue, panic, or general disorientation. Drowning can even occur in dogs who are experienced swimmers. Also, dogs of any age or swimming experience level can climb on top of the pool cover and be put in a dangerous situation. Be sure to keep a close eye on your furry friend when by the water.

Stop Your Dog From Accessing the Pool

There might be moments when your dog or cat ventures around the pool and you are not around to supervise them. A fence will help prevent your pet from accessing the pool without your permission. Adding a safety fence can serve as a valuable barrier to keep your pets, kids, and others away from your pool.

Do not worry about the fence affecting your property’s aesthetic. What matters most is making your swimming pool area as safe as possible.

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